Research Topics

4D-STEM method development

  • Large-scale dose-efficient 3D imaging – We are leaders in development of 3D imaging methods based on 4D-STEM measurements. We have produced the first atomic-resolution 3D volumes from 4D-STEM tomography and are working on scaling to very large samples.

  • Fast simulators for electron microscopy We are developing fast simulators for electron microscopy

Multi-modal microscopy

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Self-driving equipment

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Research Funding

Current Funding

  • “ScatterEM: Utilizing scattering to enhance throughput and sensitivity in electron microscopy”
    • EAM Starting grant
    • Pelz (PI)
    • 01/2023

Completed Funding

Research Framework

Holistic microscopy - using as much of the scattering information as possible

The substantive focus of our work is on incorporating prior physical knowledge about scattering mechanisms and multiple signal channels into the image reconstruction.

ML-driven microscopy

We use modern machine learning tools to make microscopy faster and better